Thursday, June 2, 2011

Low oil pressure in Olds Bravada?

I have a 2000 olds Bravada. When I idle at a light after driving it awhile, the gage for oil drops significantly and the check gage light comes on, but when I accelerate it goes back up to half. The oil was just changed in it a few weeks ago and the dipstick reads full. Is this a sign of needing to replace the oil pump? How much should it cost, roughly? This is a serious problem, correct? ( I have stopped driving it for now). Thanks!Low oil pressure in Olds Bravada?
Correct, it is a serious problem. The best way to tel lis remove the oil pressure sender and install an inline oil pressure guage. Then start the truck and see what it really is on a manual guage. If in fact the oil pressure is low the oil pump may be bad, or a bearing in the engine may be bad.

Simple oil pump replacement $500-750

Bearings replaced $1500-3000Low oil pressure in Olds Bravada?
Take it to a shop and have them check whether the oil pressure sensor is working correctly. Your system use a electrical type system so the sender can and does go out off calibration and will need to be replaced. The shop should do an oil pressure test using a wet style gauge to get a accurate reading. This type uses oil pressure right to the gauge to test the pressure and will tell you if you need more than just a sensor.Low oil pressure in Olds Bravada?
If the pressure drop and flickering light started happen immediately after the oil change, I'd have someone check that the proper oil filter was installed. Also, the viscosity of the oil added may be too low. It would have to be very low viscosity, but it's worth mentioning. Of course, it is most likely an oil pump or bearing wear problem, but I'd still check the filter and oil weight.You may want to just try an oil change with one of the newer oils designed for higher mileage cars. they're marked as such. Good luck.Low oil pressure in Olds Bravada?
Now wait a minute. When you idle at a light the pressure is low and when you accelerate it goes back up to half. What is the oil pressure reading at half? 30 P.S.I., 45? It could be that your idle is too low. Do you have a Tach in your vehicle? When you are in drive at a stop, how many R.P.M.'s is the motor turning? It should be around 600. Any lower than that and the oil pressure will drop significantly. But that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. The oil pump delivers based upon the speed of the motor. So the faster the motor goes, the faster the oil pump goes. They're relative to one another.Low oil pressure in Olds Bravada?
you can drive as long you keep idle up enought to keep light out. It is expensive and a hard job. Consult a price guide at your library